Chop Wood Carry Water: How to Fall in Love with the Process

Chop Wood Carry Water: How to Fall in Love with the Process

Improving is always something I have always strived towards. As a deeply flawed human, I have worked to be better and I believe that I am still at the bottom of the mountain. It is hard to identify the things that are suboptimal traits within yourself and changing them is even harder. Reading has been one of the exercises I have grown to enjoy. I rarely read fiction, even though I am starting to fit more into my schedule. I read things that gives perspective to different situations and challenges. Today, I have been listening (audible, it’s still reading right?) to Chop Wood Carry Water on my walk and found myself in tears. Not a solitary tear rolling down a cheek but snotty, whimpering, crying that caused me to stop and sit down on the pavement.

The book is a narrative of a student and a master and the journey of the student in understanding the teachings and process. The words resonated with me so much that I was forced to stop and process it. A lot of what is said in the book is pretty much said in every self help book but the context really got to me.

I would highly recommend this book. As an entrepreneur, solo founder and only child this book has given me some tools to help me continue my march forward.

Who’s it for:

Entrepreneurs, Anyone.

About the Author:

Joshua Medcalf is the author of many books, including the mega best seller, Chop Wood Carry Water. He is the founder of T2BC, a boutique consulting firm whose focus is leadership, life-skills and mental training. He resides in Southern California, and loves to golf, snowboard, and jump off waterfalls when he isn’t writing or speaking around the world.


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