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Facebook For Parents

Facebook is changing our lives and our world. Parents must deal with this reality to protect their children and guide them to success.

This book gives you answers to the top 25 questions parents ask about Facebook. Building on their „Facebook for Parents” class at Stanford University, the sister-brother team of Linda Phillips and BJ Fogg will guide you. Their chapters are short, easy to read, and relevant to lives of parents today.

Linda Fogg Phillips is the mother of eight children from age 11 to 26. She brings a wealth of experience to Facebook for Parents. From her vantage point, she has seen the good and bad that Facebook introduces into the life of a family. Her insights give parents answers.

Dr. BJ Fogg is a research psychologist who directs Stanford’s Persuasive Technology Lab. In his first Facebook course, his students created apps that motivated over 16 million user installations. Today, he’s the leading expert on how Facebook changes people’s behaviors.

Sample of Book Contents

Facebook 101
Why do kids like Facebook so much?
Should I use Facebook?

Your Child on Facebook
What should all parents know about Facebook?
How does Facebook change how kids communicate?
Is my teen’s use of Facebook normal?

How Facebook Privacy Works (and Doesn’t Work)
Who can see what on Facebook?
How can I protect my child’s privacy?
What are the privacy loopholes?
How can Facebook apps threaten privacy?

Protecting Your Family
How can I prevent bullying on Facebook?
Who owns the content posted to Facebook?
Can Facebook ruin my child’s chances for a top college?

Best Practices for Parents
What if my kids won’t friend me?
How do I contact Facebook about a problem?
How do I stay current with Facebook?
How can I use Facebook as a parenting tool?

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