Texting 4 Health

Texting 4 Health

New from Stanford University, this book will show you how text messaging on mobile phones can promote health.

The 15 chapters are easy to read, written by experts involved in „Texting 4 Health” at Stanford University. From this book you’ll learn about successful texting programs and practical guidelines to create interventions for better health.

Table of Contents

Section I. The Case for Texting4Health

1. „Why Texting4Health?” by BJ Fogg
2. „The Landscape of Texting4Health” by Richard Adler

Section II.  Using Texting for Health Promotion

3. „Ten Uses of Texting to Improve Health” by BJ Fogg & Enrique Allen
4. „mDiet: A Personalized Approach to Weight Management Using Text Messaging” by Kevin Patrick, Fred Raab, Marc Adams & Lindsay Dillon
5. „Text “Ahhhhh” for Me Please” by Mark Smith & Lisa Harris
6. „Using Technology to Promote Youth Sexual Health” by Deb Levine
7. „Texting 2 Increase Physical Activity” by Jill Fattor & Anne Friedlander
8. „Zume Life: Creating Self-Care Solutions” by Rajiv Mehta

Section III.  Getting Started with Texting4Health and Research

9: „SMS and New Messaging Alternatives” by Stew A. Skomra
10. „Reach Out and Text Someone” by Jed Alpert & Benjamin Stein
11. „Creating a Remarkably Mobile Program” by Eric Holmen & Richard Adler
12. „Informing the Design of Mobile Health Messaging Services with User Research” by Dean Eckles
13. „Usability Testing for Text Messaging” by Nick Sabadosh

Section IV. International  Perspectives

14. „Mobile Healthcare for a Developing World” by Ken Banks
15. „Beyond Texting: More Technologies for Health” by Paul Meyer

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